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PMMA is amorphous polymer with high rigidity, good mechanical and optical properties – near 92% light transmittance. The best scratch resistance among transparent polymers. Resistance to weather condition, UV stabilised. The disadvantage of this material is relatively low crack resistance, never the less exists three impact modified types. High resistance to non organic substances, lye, acids, salts and its derivatives. Has no hazardous influence on human body. PMMA characterise with beneficial production properties, thermoforming ability. Main application PMMA is due to its optical properties. Suitable for sheets production, car lamp covers, as well as home and urban lightening. Is also used for machinery and appliances elements.

PMMA special types

Grade Characteristics Usage/Application
Altuglas MI 4 Middle impact strength, but the highest thermal stability and scratch resistance among all MI types ElementWhite goods elements – display panels
Altuglas MI 7T High impact strength, lower heat resistance and lower scratch resistance then MI 4. Recommended for co- extrusion with ABS White goods elements, co extrusion with ABS
Altuglas HFI 7 High impact strength, very high MFI and good processability White goods elements – display panels, bathrooms elements with frosted effect
Altuglas HFI 10 Very high impact strength, low MFI Automotive, appliances cover elements, car wind deflectors
Altuglas HFI 15 The highest impact resistance among all high flow index rate Altuglas types Excellent for 3 layers co extrusion and thermoforming. Large elements of white goods and furniture sector
Altuglas DRT Extrusion type with high impact resistance and high thermal resistance Profiles – lightening, furniture sector, co-extrusion with metal sheet and profiles for building and automotive industry
Altuglas HT 121 The highest heat resistance (Vicat B50 121oC) among all Altuglas types and the highest crack resistance (Pencil test 5H), excellent transparency Automotive industry e.g. motorcycle lamp and similar products where high heat resistance and crack resistance are required – displays
Altuglas HCR 3 Poor impact resistance, dedicated to details where high chemical resistance is required especially for alcohol, high heat resistance BraCosmetic packaging, bathroom accessories
Altuglas CR 8 / CR 12 High impact resistance types dedicated to extrusion and co-extrusion Bathroom accessories – showers, shower frames.
Profiles for automotive industry, co- extrusion with ABS, cosmetic industry

PMMA general types

Grade Characteristics Usage/Application
Altuglas V825 T Injection types, extrusion, high heat stability Automotive industry – headlamps, cosmetic packaging, white goods elements
Altuglas V 920 T/ V 920 Injection types with high MFI Electronic industry – lightening fixture
Altuglas VM Injection types with high MFI and with low thermal resistance Advertising industry – displays. Electronic and optical industry
Altuglas VML Injection types with high MFI with slipping agent content Cosmetic packaging
Altuglas V 046 Extrusion type with high thermal resistance Profiles, lightening and furniture industry