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Metallocene PP

Polypropylene produced with use of special metallocene catalyst, which allows to manufacture products of much higher homogeneity. Available as a homopolymer and Random copolymer. They are characterized by excellent transparency, high gloss, outstanding organoleptic properties.


Grade                Characteristics Typical application
Lumicene MR 2002
Lumicene MR 2001
Homopolymer. High fluidity. Narrow molecular weight distribution. Is used for the production of nonwovens entering in the manufacture of hygienic or technical articles.
Lumicene MR10MX0
Lumicene MR30MX0
PPR. Outstanding organoleptic properties combined with low extractables, excellent transparency and gloss. Baby bottles, caps and closures, medical device and packaging, houseware and kitchenware.
Lumicene MR30MC2
Lumicene MR60MC2
Lumicene MR110MC2
PPR. High fluidity. Clarified and antistatic. High rigidity and impact resistance. Injection moulding of household articles, rigid food packaging and kitchenware articles.