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Copolymer of ethylene and vinyl acetate (density 0,920-0,940 g/cm³). Depending on the VA content (30%) they are different grades EVA of different hardness and flexibility. Compared with PE, it has a higher resistance to stress, corrosion, and UV  radiation. However it has worse chemical resistance.

EVA Total

Grade                       Characteristics Typical application
1005 VN2 VA content: 5,5%. Grade for transparent and resistance films. Stretch, coextrusion, frocen food, agricutural film.
1010 VN 3 VA content: 9%. Grade for films with high transparecy and high mechanical properties. Stretch film, food packaging.
1020 VN 3 VA content: 9%. Grade for flexible, very transarent films with high strengh and very good sealability. Thin shrink film for food packaging (coextrusion, lamination), stretch film.
1005 VN 35 VA content: 12%. Excellent mechanical properties Flexible films, with transparency.
1003 VN 4 VA content: 13,5%. Very high transparency. Green house film, film for food packaging, stretch hood.
1005 VN 4 VA content: 14%
1040 VN 4 VA content: 14% Excellent mechanical properties Thin stretch film for food packaging, coextrusion, cling film.
1005 VN 5 VA content: 17% Geomembrane, stretch hood, paper-stationary, stretch film, coextrusion.
1020 VN 5 VA content: 17,5% Coextrusion. Chemical bags.