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On demand additives

On demand we can offer special additives:

Nucleating Agents – designed to improve control in foamed process and product crystalization,
Anitog Agents – Masterbatches which prevents mist inside the greenhouse,
Antislip Agents – Masterbatches used mainly in film applications for improving adhesion betwen layers
Antioxidants Agents –  Masterbatches developed to provide heat resistance during processing
Bacteriostatics – Materials based on silver ions, effective against a wide variety of bacteria,
Corrosion Ingibitors – Masterbaches desinged for PE and EVA, preventing corrosion and oxidation caused by ferrous metals,
Tracers – Masterbatches which renders plastic opaque to x-rays, thus making it easily detectable by standard radiography equipment,
Expansors  – desingned for the expansion of polymers,
Slip Agents – Increase slip of a film during processing and gloss of end product,
Anti Gamma Rays – These masterbatches allow plastic materials (PE, PP, PS) to be sterilised with gamma rays without yellowing polymers effect,
Cleaning Agents – Concentrates used when changing a color in order to reduce time necessary to clean equipment,
Laser Marking Agents – Masterbatches which improving marking effect or/and provide markin in color,
Degrading Agents – Additives which increase degradation of polymers caused by UV radiation, mainly used in thin wall products such as PE film,
Maturation Inhibitors – Masterbatches which absorb gases emitted from fruits and vegetables, allow to increase storage and maturation time,
Anticollapse Agents – Concentrates developed to use in gas-foaming process, suitable for PE, PP, PS,
Perfume Agents – Allow to add special perfume effect to end product, such as smell of chocolate, or coffee