Flame Retardants

Additives which improve fire resistance. According to chemical formula they can be divided on two groups: halogens (containing halogen compounds) and halogen free. Flamability class are usually described according to UL 94V standard: HB, V2, V1, V0 (V0 is the most effective).  Our offer includes flame retardants suitable for: PE, PP, PS, ABS, PA.

Standard Flame Retardants

Product Performance Application
VIBATAN FLAME RETARDANT PE 01467 Synergetic combination of chlorinated organic compound and antimony trioxide in LDPE. Designed for the extrusion of gas foamed LDPE (XPE). Used at 10%, it complies with the Italian Class 1 regulations.
VIBATAN FLAME RETARDANT PE 01532 Combination of brominated organic and synergetic inorganic compounds at 75% in LDPE carrier. Has been developed to make polyolefine films self-extinguishing. The special formulation prevents the formation of residue on the surface of the final product (migration), a phenomenon often seen with traditional flame retardant additives due to their high concentration. Films can therefore be welded, printed and coated.
VIBATAN FLAME RETARDANT PE 01767 Synergetic combination of antimony trioxide and chlorinated organic compound. Particularly recommended for selfextinguishing applications in polyethylene film and is designed for gas-foamed LDPE extrusion (XPE). It begins to degrade at temperatures above 200-220C.
VIBATAN FLAME RETARDANT PP 01544 Composition of brominated organic compounds in PP. Suitable for use with standard HALS in order to get extra protection for outdoor applications. Especially designed for stadium seats.
VIBATAN FLAME RETARDANT PP 03690 Composition of brominated organic compounds in PP. Designed for the injection molding and extrusion of PP.
VIBATAN FLAME RETARDANT PS 01139 Composition based on a brominated compound (50%) dispersed in polystyrene. Has been expressly developed for the production of gas – of any chemical nature – foamed insulating panels (XPS). If used at 2,5%, it complies with EN 13164
VIBATAN FLAME RETARDANT GP 00628 Composition based on a brominated compound and synergic inorganic additive in ethylene copolymer. 83 % concentration of active substance. Developed for usege with PP.
VIBATAN FLAME RETARDANT GP 01536 Has greater thermal stability than GP 00628. Recomended for applications where critical processing conditions require high thermal stability (particulary injection molding processes).
VIBATAN FLAME RETARDANT GP 01246 Brominated organic compound with an extremely high concentration of active ingredients (82%). The polyvalence of the carriet makes this masterbatch suitable for many thermoplastics resins.
VIBATAN FLAME RETARDANT GP 01282 Halogen-free dispresion of phosphorus and nitrogen derivatives, designed for polyolefin resins. Suitable for use with polyolefine polymers.