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Modifiers which increase surface conductivity. They are commonly used in film production in order to prevent dust deposition on surface. Our offer includes Antistatics for PE, PP, PS.

Standard Antistatics

Product Performance Application
VIBATAN ANTISTATIC PE 00372 Synergic blend of antistatic agents (5%) on PE carrier Suitable for HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE films. Food aproved if used up to 4%
VIBATAN ANTISTATIC RF/G 00286 Synergic combination of antistatics at a high concentration(30%). Especially designed for injection and blow moulding of HDPEand LDPE bottles. Can also be used with homo and copolymer polypropylene. Suitable for applications requring food approval (dosage up to 2,2% according to Italian law).
VIBATAN ANTISTATIC PSC 02554 Non-migrating antistatic masterbatch wchic can form permanent conductive chain inside the polymer. Suitable for polyolefine polymers: PE, PP, EVA.
VIBATAN ANTISTATIC PP 00068 Synergic combination of antistatics (10%) dispersed in polypropylene. Suitable for the extrusion of high transpareny OPP applications. Suitable for applications requiring food approval.
VIBATAN ANTISTATIC PP 02689 Masterbatch containing 20% antistatic agent. Specific for moulding and extrusion fo copolymer PP sheets.
VIBATAN ANTISTATIC PSC 00694 High concentrated formula (40%) in polystyrene carrier. Developed specialy for styrene resins. Suitable for applications requring food approval (dosage up to 6% according to Italian law).
VIBATAN ANTISTATIC PSC 02555 Migration less agent. Designed for use with HIPS; GPPS; ABS; PBT; PA; PC/ABS
VIBATAN ANTISTATIC PS 03410 High concentration of antistatic agent dispersed in polystyrene, free form fillers, waxes or ethylene copolymer. Developed for use with styrene resins HIPPS; GPPS. Most effective with dosage between 2 and 5%. Food approved.
VIBATAN ANTISTATIC GP 00292 Forumulation with high concentration of additives (40%) in a universal carrier. Suitable for applications requiring food approval (dosage up to 3,7% according to Italian law).