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Modifiers based on silicate designed for increase film friction resistance in production process, decrease cool down time, prevent sticking films on drums, improve welding process.

Standard Antilbockings

Product Performance Application
VIBATAN ANTIBLOCKING PE 00226 Masterbatch containing 50% finely dispersed natural silica. The high concentration offers economic advantages for those applications requiring a high antiblocking performance, thus having a reduced dosage of masterbatch.
VIBATAN ANTIBLOCKING PE 00473 Combination of silica and special slip agent. Studied to facilitate the extrusion of polymers having adhesive features. This masterbatch is used as process aid for high VA content copolymer film applications (film slip effect is facilitated as well as the opening of the same after its winding).
VIBATAN ANTIBLOCKING PE 00700 Masterbatch containing 20% natural silica. Suitable for LDPE films. It causes no problems of abrasion on the screws of the extruder.
VIBATAN ANTIBLOCKING PE 01413 Masterbatch containing 5% synthetic silica dispersed in LDPE. Suitable for polyolefine films having high transparency.
VIBATAN ANTIBLOCKING M-PE 02042 Masterbatch containing 20% natural silica in a metallocene carrier. New metallocene carrier provides film with improved physial-mechanical properties.
VIBATAN ANTIBLOCKING M-PE 02056 Masterbatch containing 5% synthetic silica in a new metallocene carrier. Provide perfect dispersion of the silica and improved physical-mechanical properties in the film. Recomended for critical applications, as for example films of low thickness where optimum dispersion and maximum transparency are required.
VIBATAN ANTIBLOCKING PP 01253 Dispersion of 10% synthetic silica in polypropylene, free from waxes and other lubricating agents. Recomended for production of OPP film for the packaging of foodstuff.
VIBATAN ANTIBLOCKING PET 00674 Dispersion of 10% synthetic silica in a polyester carrier. This masterbatch performs perfectly as a release agent in the thermoformnig of polyester sheets. Food approved.
VIBATAN ANTIBLOCKING PET 00929 10% dispersion of ultramicronized synthetic silica in PET carrier, free from waxes or any other lubricants. Free from toxi substances. Suggested for the extrusion of polyester films, especially in those applications where the antiblocking effect should not interfere with its optical features.