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Anti UV stabilisers

Anti UV stabilisers – they protect polymer against UV radiation. Most commonly used with PE, but many other compounds exposed to harmful UV rays also should be protected. Our offer consist of UV stabilisers developed for usage with: PE, PP, PS, ABS, SAN, PA, POM.

Standard anti UV stabilisers

          Product Performance Application
VIBATAN UV MASTER PE 00084 Combination of polymeric HALS, benzophenone and antioxidant. Recomended for the anti-UV stabilisation of LDPE and LLDPE agricoltural films of medium/long duration. The additivated film is practically colourless. Food approved.
VIBATAN UV MASTER PP 00246 Masterbatch based on polymeric HALS. Masterbatch with high concentration of polymeric HALS (20%) dispersed in polypropylene. Designed for the anti-UV stabilisation of PP multifilaments.
VIBATAN UV MASTER PP 00659 High concentration (20%) combination of polymeric and monomeric HALS in a polypropylene carrier. Designed for use in polypropylene film and raffia. This masterbatch has no adverse effect on film transparency. The different solubilities of the HALS make this the best anti-UV stabiliser currently available on the market.
VIBATAN UV MASTER PS 00376 Synergetic combination based on HALS, benzotriazole and antioxidant dispersed in polystyrene. Recomended for PS and ABS applications. When used as an anti-UV stabiliser in crystal polystyrene does not affect its transparency.
VIBATAN UV MASTER NY 00732 Combination of HALS and antioxidant agent in polyolefine polymer Developed for anti UV stabilisation of polyamide 6 and 66. Synergetic formula makes it suitable for polyamids filled with glass fibre.
VIBATAN UV MASTER PET 01184 Dispersion of UV absorber in PET. This masterbatch is used to protect the contents of bottles which would otherwise be degraded by light.