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KGL Group comprises of Korporacja KGL SA – as Controlling Entity and Subsidiaries.

Subsidiaries of Korporacja KGL S.A. are:

  1. Marcato Sp. z o.o. based in Rzakta, the Republic of Poland;
  2. C.E.P. Polska Sp. z o.o. based in Mościska, Republic of Poland;
  3. UAB Korporacja KGL based in Vilnius, Republic of Lithuania.

Structure of Capital Group is as follows:

KGL Group activity


The mission of KGL GROUP is:

  • Delivering to the customers plastic raw materials and packaging according to their needs
  • Professional representation of suppliers in supported markets.

The Board is involved in the construction of a strong and modern organization that can meet the demands of the market in the provision of high quality services and products, and consequently able to generate profits at levels satisfactory to shareholders. The Group is constantly expanding the range of products matching the range to meet the needs of customers. The selection of goods and products is made based on conducted by the Company marketing research and based on the needs reported directly by customers. KGL Group primarily aims that KGL mark and name were associated with reliability and the highest quality of service and product. Wider competencies and acquiring new skills are key factors for the success of KGL Group, which in the future will remain a very important part of the business culture of the organization.

Basic strategic goals of KGL Group

The Board adopted a plan of organic growth.

Aim of the Group is to obtain a significant position on the market of  distributors of plastic granules in Poland. Group intends to maintain its position as a reliable partner in the area of distribution of granules and deliver materials to small and medium-sized customers who are not able to execute orders directly from manufacturers.

Taking into account the characteristics of the market in terms of different types of plastic KGL Group intends to:

  1. achieve a significant market position in the segment of technical and constructional plastics
  2. consolidate its image as a reliable partner in the plastics mass segment
  3. develop additional area of services for active advice in the distribution of plastic.

These objectives have been successfully implemented for many years through continuous development of materials which are the subject of sale, as well as the gradual development of departments of the advisory function.

Aim of the Group is to obtain a dominant position in Poland in the segment for food packaging (in particular, egg, meat and pastry packaging), as well as an introduction to the offer new, innovative products characterized by technical solutions not seen in competitors.

Bearing in mind the current trends and rapidly growing sector of the food packaging from plastic Group intends to:

  1. focus on the segment of the production of packaging for the food industry,
  2. raise the level of innovation of our solutions in packaging for the food sector in order to meet even the most complex needs of customers in terms of quality, safety and functionality of our products,
  3. increase the degree of independence from supplies of foil from external entities by significantly larger foil production capacity,
  4. increase the share of recycled materials, including recycled from the production of foils and packaging for the food industry


Plan of the investment

  • 2015 – developing the concept and construction plans
  • January 2016 – commencing design work.
  • 13 January 2016 – Agreement on the preparation of construction documentation and execution of construction and assembly work.

(planned completion of the work by the end of 2016)

  • project should be completed in 2017. With the possibility of completion of part of the works in 2018.

Benefits from the construction of RDC:

  • The possibility to create own production tools (molds)
    • current cost of purchase of molds for the production is approx. 1.5 million PLN a year, while after the construction of RDC the cost will be partially reduced
  • Cost and temporal optimization of the process of designing and manufacturing molds
    • Independent tool manufacturing for the production in the form of molds and other equipment necessary in the production of packaging
  • Development of new technological solutions in the production of packaging
    • designing prototypes and development of new production methods
    • plan for the production of new types of packaging of CPET (resistant to high temperatures, i.e. Intended for the oven), foamed CPET and PLA (biodegradable material)
  • Improvement of the quality of packaging
    • the possibility of testing and quality control of the Issuer within own organizational structure
    • efficient development of safe prototypes and development of new production methods.
  • The possibility to obtain additional revenues from the sale of molds
    • at the level of several hundred thousand PLN per year

The concept of new products


  • Advanced research and development works associated with building a new type of tools (molds) that will allow to perform foil packaging of polymer and biopolymer. Technological line of processing biopolymers will be one of the first solutions of this type in the region.

Foamed materials (structures) 

  • Research and development process of foamed materials (mainly polyester – PET and biodegradable – PLA).
  • The aim of the research is to develop foamed material structures that will be used for the production of packaging with reduced weight, which will be able to compete on price with current market packaging materials.

Growing importance of recycling

  • Research in the direction of reduction in the weight of the final product and possible recycling of industrial waste within the production cycle. Thereby we developed a new production technology, which thanks to the application forms will allow minimization of waste and a significant reduction in material consumption in production processes.
  • Research will be aimed at getting from recyclate foil for contact with food with unique performance characteristics and intended use, as well as the high value of quality and utility.
  • Main distinguishing feature of new packaging will be their recycling capacity.

Heat-resistant packaging of CPET foil

  • Works on developing tools (molds) for processing CPET (plan of implementation of innovative packaging for ready meals, whose main distinguishing feature is the resistance at a temperature of about 200 ° C. This solution will allow the use of packed ready meals in traditional ovens and kitchen stoves.
  • Currently offered by Marcato and its competitors packaging designed for this type of products are made of PP or barrier PP, which can only be used in microwave ovens.
  • Packaging made of CPET and CPET foam will be fully recycled and used for their production material will be originating in large part from recycling of production waste.
  • 1992

    1 KGL Corporation was founded in 1992 as a private company. Then a civil partnership Korporacja KGL S.C. Lech Skibiński, Zbigniew Okulus, Krzysztof Gromkowski was established.

  • 2002

    2 Establishment of Korporacja KGL SA from the transformation of the civil partnership Korporacja KGL S.C. Lech Skibiński, Zbigniew Okulus, Krzysztof Gromkowski. From the beginning, one of the pillars of the company, was the sale of plastic on the Polish market through own network of distribution points. Development of the product offer, tailored to the expectations of our customers has generated a dynamic growth in sales. With the increase in sales, we decided to change the legal status of the company and its headquarters. Since 2002, the company is a joint stock company and operates under the name Korporacja KGL SA with its registered office in Mościska near Warsaw. Also we launched a subsidiary in Lithuania.

  • 2003

    3 Since 2003 the company has started gradual acquisition through the Issuer all shares in C.E.P. Polska Sp. z o.o.

  • 2004

    4 In 2004, Korporacja KGL SA He joined Marcato Sp. o.o. and by 2010 made the gradual acquisition of 100% shares in the company. In this way, the Group started the activity as a producer and provider of food products packaging.

  • 2010

    5 By 2010, manufacturing took place only in Marcato. In 2010, the Issuer decided to introduce production activities in Korporacja KGL (in Mościska). As a result of this production of packaging for Marcato was launched. In the initial phase of cooperation entire production was carried out from the materials sold by Marcato and all sales of packaging was executed by Marcato. Currently, part of Issuer production is sold on the market by the Issuer. Currently, all areas related to marketing and setting the conditions for cooperation are on the side of Marcato. Issuer due to the fact that it has large and efficient production lines, realizes mass series production, i.e. mainly packaging for eggs, donuts and meat container.

  • 2012

    6 Almost from the beginning the company KGL invested in the development of its know-how and technological base. Bearing in mind current trends and rapidly growing sector of food packaging from plastic Group of the Issuer constantly expands range of products and is constantly investing in new production lines, in order to meet customer expectations and improve the quality of their service. The years 2012 - 2014 and 2015 witnessed a steady development of infrastructure and capacity of the Issuer Group implemented through investments in:
    production real estate,
    thermoforming machines,
    PET extruder,
    Other tools and machines.

    An important event in our history was the purchase of a new store in Klaudyn, which took place in 20.

  • 2015

    7 Year 2015 was marked by intensive preparations to conduct a public offering of C Series Shares and the debut of Korporacja KGL on the regulated market on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

    In the public offering, Company raised over 33 million PLN - which will be used for further development of production capacity, but also to enrich the know-how, so that the Group will be able to introduce new solutions for the packaging market.


Investor Relations Office

Magdalena Dziekańska

tel.(+48)22 321 30 00